Have You Found A Product Or Service Elsewhere And Wish To Pay For It In Crypto?

Crypto Anything by Shopperoo

We will fulfil any purchase request for any product from any store online, allowing you to pay for it in your favorite cryptocurrency.


Find any product or service online

  • Find a product or service online you want to pay for with your favorite crypto.
  • This could be products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart or millions of other online shops.

Submit a Crypto Anything request

  • Once you have found a product or service you wish to pay for in crypto, fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.  

Issue and pay an invoice in crypto

  • We will setup and issue an invoice for payment in your preferred cryptocurrency. 
  • Once you verify all details of the request and correct, you make payment.

We will order the product for you

  • We will order the product for you and have the item delivered to your chosen address. 
  • We will provide full tracking to ensure your item reaches you safely and on time. 


Crypto Anything Purchase Request

Complete the form below and one of our dedicated team will contact you to confirm your order request and issue the invoice for payment in your desired cryptocurrency. 

International format. ie +61 x xxxx xxxx. WhatsApp is acceptable.
We will use this email to forward the crypto invoice for payment.
Please list the full URL of the product or service you are requesting.
Please list any specifics relating to the product or service.
Including color, size, dates (flights & hotels).
One of our representatives will be in touch to confirm your specific requests.
Total price of the product or service excluding shipping in your chosen fiat currency (eg $ € £).
We will add this on to the final invoice based on your delivery address below.
We will issue an invoice in your preferred cryptocurrency,
for the total amount of the product or service, plus shipping.
Include zip/postal code for proper shipping estimate.
We do ship to PO Boxes.
Any other important information relating to your order request.
You acknowledge that all purchases via our Crypto Anything service are
irreversible and cannot be returned or refunded. Due to fluctuations in
the value of currencies including crypto, all sales are final.


Here are some common questions about Crypto Anything

I found a product elsewhere, how can I buy it with crypto?

Thanks to our innovative (and soon to be automated) Crypto Anything service, anything you find online that can be purchased with a card or PayPal, we will invoice you in your preferred crypto, purchase and ship on your behalf to your designated location.

Can I return an item if I use the Crypto Anything service?

Due to volatility in certain crypto markets, all sales are final when using this service. We can replace an item if it is deemed broken or has defects, however a complete refund is unavailable. By offering this unique service to crypto hodlers, an agreement is made between Shopperoo and the customer that they understand the price volatility in crypto and requesting a refund is not viable. 

Are there fees for the Crypto Anything service?

We charge a 2.5% total value fee on top of order for this service. This will be added to your final invoice. 

What products or services can I request?

Anything legal in nature. We will fulfil 99% of requests including any product you can find on major marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc), flights & hotels, clothing, groceries, rent payments and more. If it is possible to pay for it online using a card or paypal, we will allow you to pay for it using your preferred crypto. 

Can I track the products or services I purchase via Crypto Anything?

Absolutely. We will issue shipment tracking and provide regular updates until your product or service is fulfilled and delivered. 

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