How to Disinfect Your Devices & Get Them Squeaky Clean

Your devices are hard to keep clean. We talked to a few experts to find out how to disinfect devices and here are their best tips.

There are a few things that are just hard to disinfect, such as door knobs, keyboards, and phone screens. When I got a new phone, I knew I wanted to take precautions to protect my new investment. So I talked to a few experts to find out how to disinfect devices and here are their best tips.

Disinfecting Your Phone
Use a screen protector Having a screen protector on your phone can help protect it from any scratches that could result from trying to clean it by rubbing it against a rough surface. And if you don’t have a screen protector, even better because it prevents any scratches on the display from being able to penetrate deep into the screen. So if a scratch does occur, it will be easily be treated with a bit of sand paper and a little acetone. Cleaning Your Phone Put it in the freezer to kill any germs This is something that my tech savvy brother, Danny, tells me about his phone. When he has to wipe it down for any reason (like after a night out with his friends) he puts it in the freezer for a few minutes. And even though I was skeptical, he said that it actually works!

Disinfecting Your Keyboard
Julia Barr, the tech editor of Wirecutter, says it’s easy to clean your keyboard. She uses WD-40 and a scrubbing sponge. She says that the key switches and the switches themselves are often covered in grime that you can remove with just a little elbow grease. Read more: Here’s How to Clean the Kinks Out of Your Keyboard Disinfecting Your Phone Screen Dan Ackerman, a senior technology reporter at Motherboard, said you can scrub your screen in a cheap plastic dishwashing tub with rubbing alcohol, bleach, and soap. “Do a quick rinse and then dry it off as soon as you can,” he said. Keep in mind, however, that your smartphone is likely a lot more expensive than your old cell phone, so it might be better to spend a little more money to have someone do the dirty work for you.

Disinfecting Your Computer
Viral infection can take hold from viruses, spyware, malware and other types of software and websites. According to an article from Business Insider, using a tool like the free CCleaner program can clean many of the hard drives on a computer and make it run faster. Shannon Wilgus, a state-certified technician at Computer Doctor Plus, told Business Insider that wiping out the underlying files with CCleaner will make your computer more efficient. Wilgus added that installing a new operating system, or a computer hardware reinstall, is also recommended. Disinfecting Your Smartphone Sharing an android device with others is convenient, but it’s important to keep your device clean. It’s the same with all kinds of technology, because it can spread malware.


So now you know how to disinfect your devices. When you use it, think of this: does your device have viruses? Are you happy with your version of Windows? Do you need to update your phone? Use these things as a checklist before you do anything that could get you in trouble. Do you know a good way to disinfect a laptop?

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