Our Top Lawn Mower Picks For The Ultimate Yard Perfection

Get the garden all the neighbours envy with these lawnmowers!

RYOBI 40V HP 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

$479 (ryobi.com)


A battery powered mower, the RYOBI Brushless Self-Propelled Lawnmower features two batteries that provide 70 minutes of mowing time. That’s up to three-quarters of an acre of land. It’s rear wheel drive and self propelled for ease of use.

Greenworks 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

$449 (greenworkstools.com)


A consistent mower for weekly use, the Greenworks mower has great specs. With two 5-Ah batteries, a cutting capacity of up to 8000 square feet and a great ability to do close quarter manoeuvring and is easy to use.

EGO Power+ 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower

$410 (amazon.com)


State of the art, this mower has a multi-blade cutting system, and has three interchangeable lower blades. These blades include a mulching blade, extended runtime blade, and high-lift bagging blade. With an eco mode engaged, you can run for about an hour on the battery. It’s best for lawns smaller than a quarter of an acre.

BLACK+DECKER 10 Amp 15″ Electric Mower

$129 (amazon.com)


If you are only maintaining a small amount of grass on your property and need a tiny mower to match, this is the mower for you. SA corded mower, it has a small cutting width of 15 inches and is powered by a 10-amp mower, making it powerful, yet portable.

Honda 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower

$725 (honda.com)


For yards less than half an acre, this Honda mower is a great pick for you.  It is a rear wheel drive, self-propelled and has a powerful engine. Wet or dry, it can cut tall grass and is notable for leaving a clean cut behind.

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