The Best Fans To Escape The Stifling Summer Heat

Feeling the heat this summer? If you are struggling to keep cool, here are our best picks for the ultimate fans to cool down with.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Cooling Fan

$280 (


Coming in at 10 inches tall, this fan is small enough to sit on your desk, but strong enough to cool your entire room. With a blade-free design, it’s safe for children, pets and easy to wipe clean. It is quiet and has a sleep timer that can be set via remote control, making it a brainless option too. It has a sleek design with a space that is magnetised to hold the remote and has ten airflow settings.

Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan

$39.99 (


If you’re in the market for a classic fan that is strong enough to cool down a room without breaking the wallet, this Honeywell fan is just right for you. Quiet, yet powerful, this fan is 48 inches high, with a grate covered 16-inch fan. It’s tall enough to do the job, but safe enough to be too tall to get little fingers stuck.

HUNTER Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan

$129 (


This timelessly designed ceiling fan has gotten praise lately for its quick and efficient work, with reviews stating it was simple and easy to install, even for the lay person. Measuring 52x52x17.7 inches, features a stylish design, with dimmable, efficient LED bulbs, and a 13-blade pitch system that has reverse rotation blades that can cool down rooms in summer and warm them in winter.

Tripole Mini Handheld Fan

$12.99 (


Unfortunately, fans aren’t available everywhere, and if your workplace is A/C free, or you have to stand out in the heat during summer, this handheld fan is the solution. Large enough to give you a blast of continuous cool air, but small enough to fit in your handbag, this fan has two speeds, a rechargeable battery and an easy to hold nonslip handle.

Vornado VFAN Mini Personal Vintage Fan

$59.99 (


Desk fans are tricky, they need to be stylish enough to fit your personal style, strong enough to do the job and compact enough to not get in the way. Our top pick is this 1950’s mod design desk fan, it has an adjustable head tilt and has plenty of oomph, enough to cool down the whole room. As a bonus, it comes in a range of colours.

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