We Show You How To Clean An Oven To Be Sparkling

Spills, splatters, and crumbs can quickly accumulate in your oven. Here are some tips for how to clean yours.

Spills, splatters, and crumbs can quickly accumulate in your oven, making it difficult to see what you’re cooking and causing your oven to take longer to cook food. In order to keep your oven clean and your food fresh, you need to clean your oven periodically. Here are some tips for how to clean an oven.

Basic oven cleaning
If you don’t have time to thoroughly clean your oven, you can at least wipe off all of the built up grime with a wet sponge and a couple of spray cleaners. Try these methods. Wet sponge cleaning Pour an equal amount of dish soap into a bowl. Take a damp sponge and scrub the tops and fronts of the door of your oven with the soap, drying it off as you go. Spray cleaning Mix a quarter of a can of disinfectant spray with water. Brush the inside and outside of your oven, taking care not to get any in the oven racks. Wipe down the racks and let dry completely. Blow-dry cleaning Place a small bottle of cleaning solution in the drip pan of your oven. Blow in a small amount of solution before you turn it on. It will ensure your oven stays clean for long periods of time.

Heavy-duty oven cleaning
In order to get the most out of your oven cleaning, you need to take it apart and use the right products. Here’s the right way to clean your oven: Wet with a scrubber and a spray bottle, scrub the bottom of your oven with a scrubber or sponge until you can see if there are any food crumbs, grease, or even burn marks on the oven base. Be sure to work around small cracks, crevices, and other imperfections in the bottom of the oven. Scrub the insides of the oven walls with the scrubber or sponge to get rid of anything you can see. Wash your oven with vinegar. Rinse and dry the insides of the oven using a small amount of vinegar to help get rid of the cake residue. Wipe the walls with a soft damp cloth to get rid of any of the food residue and soothe the dry surface of the oven.


It’s normal for any oven to become dirty at some point, but keeping your oven clean is crucial for it to perform well. By taking steps to clean your oven when it’s dirty, you can make the most of your oven’s performance.

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